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  2. In vanilla this was done in order to help struggling guilds catch up in AQ until Naxx was published. They don't think they were even considering placing it in until they understood people needed it since they were still struggling in AQ when naxx was coming outside. One major problem is that the wow classic gold climbing prices of rocky hide atm for people stockpiling due to their t3. Ring and shoulders are pretty cheap gets. Yeah my initial thought was how the social/alt conduct I proceed with struggleswith getting enough individuals with character res. That is a personal problem, you can catch a buddy and farm most of the NR equipment you'll need from Maraudon with a couple pieces from Strat UD and also a couple of them are crafted. If people couldn't bother to pick up NR gear earlier this isn't going to change much sadly. Well, there are guilds that include casual players that play the mywowgold classic wow gold sport to have fun and don'thave time much more than raiding. We do not use a high amount of consumables, some people aren't able to join raids every week and don't have BiS because being unlucky with drops etc.. Raid setup also depends upon who shows up not on what's best etc.. So yes, we really do need the gear. They don't have BiS because they do not raid every week and there is 40 individuals to equip, not actually to do with luck. My warriors who have never missed a raid, have never noticed a Crul, now that's unlucky.
  3. Nearly all of my friends who play sports games play them almost religiously, damn near the only games that they ever play meaning they buy less games together, so spending $60 on the new one isn't too big a deal. Have not had problems on Mmoexp Mut 21 coins like I have FIFA, except for receivers not completing routes and blockers not blocking At this point, I'd have a better match with no NFL/NHL/NBA license. I just want a good, deep franchise mode that doesn't have shit-for-brains GM AI that puts men on the transaction block instantly after signing up to long term deals or signs 2 goalies to big money, long term extensions.God that I want to purchase this game so bad because I haven't played because 2012 and it is on sale for $40. However, all I see is bad reviews man I'm so torn. EhI mean look it is not as bad as everyone says in the sense that it is just the exact same fucking game as the previous five decades and all the manners besides MUT are atrociously bad. I already have 2020, I've absolutely 0 need to get 21. 20 was better than 19. Do not get 19. 20 is most likely the best version out there you can catch it utilized from facebook market somewhere for like 10 or 20 bucks if money things. It is not unplayable, it's how fuckin awful they keep dropping the ball, figuratively. I hardly noticed I was playing a different game when I attempted the trial. Damn every style is crap besides mut? Just normal franchise and play.
  4. Dont worry he's just uses child labor in third world countries for cheap ilithium and supports coups of democraitcly elected leaders to get far right wing ones that allow him to do that. I got a new Dell PC in 04/05 and the thing I was excited was clicking"Hi-def" on OSRS gold. I have shouted at for ruining Christmas because I was becoming smithing on Christmas day lmao Yeah same, my dad thought that it was possessed by Russians who wanted to hack our computer. To this very day I still get the urge to minimise rs any time somebody walks into the room while I am playing Parents could yell at me for playing a game instead of studying or something to that effect. Bro saaaaame. Had to sneak downstairs to the computer area in the middle of night on school nights and beg my parents did not hear the seat creak. I muffled the Built-in speaker using a blanket Once I turned it to cause that the mac had a loud ass startup sound Between Rsgoldfast RuneScape and newgrounds my mother took the telephone cord away that connected the desktop in sunlight room to the phone line at the living area. If she moved to my grandparents were outside I'd choose the cord off the telephone and another shorter phone cable and utilize an RJ11 spiller we had for some reason to perform with. 4:30pm would come around and I would put it all backagain.
  5. Definitivamente, este foro no tiene movimiento...
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  7. Gracias, voy. Probar a sacarla, el problema es que vivo en Inglaterra y ahora hace mucho frío y pocas horas de luz
  8. Mas vale que la desahucies del indor, molesta y dificulta el resto de cultivo que va bien. O bien ponla a cogollar en exterior si fuera posible, sería una opción de clemencia para la planta.
  9. Last week
  10. Cri cri... cri cri... Hay alguien aquí?? O fueron abducidos por un plato volador¿¿??
  11. J3R0

    Plantas MUY pequeñas

    AY!!! DIsculpá! No me llego la notificación en el seguimiento! Claro claro, entiendo, y daño en raices implica todo un crecimiento lento. De ser así, me recomendas darles un "empujon natural" con un enraizante de lentejas durante unos 10 dias?
  12. Quería decir cogollar..... Ambas veces! Que no florece, vamos!
  13. Hola a todo el que me lea! Tengo un problema y como soy una principiante y nada profesional necesito de algún consejo! Tengo un pequeño armario de interior y estoy planteando semilla autoflorecientes que para los que no tenemos ni idea pues van muy bien.... Ya que lo hacen todo solas sin mucho jaleo. El caso es que quería sacar más cantidad y cogollos más gordos y me compré un kit de fertilizantes para marihuana autofloreciente TOP CROP, en definitiva sin 5 productos diferentes. El caso es que me encontré una semilla por uno de mis cajones que debía tener un año o más y la germine y la plante con otras dos plantas automáticas, la planta creció y como a las otras dos le di de los fertilizantes..... El caso es que hace al menos 4 meses que la planté y hasta ahora seguía creciendo sin collar. Hasta que me he acordado que esa semilla no era autofloreciente, si no me equivoco es una skunk feminizada. Total que lleva ahí 4 meses recibiendo fertilizante de autofloreciente y con las luces ajustadas para las autofloreciente y sigue sin collar!! No se que hacer!!! Tiro la planta? O hay alguna solución? Ahora le cambié las luces hace dos semanas a 12/12 pero que va... Sigue sin cogollar.... Que hago?? Le he tenido que cortar todas las puntas porque había crecido por encima de la luz! Por favor algún consejo??? Gracias por leerme!
  14. Audabe

    que led me aconsejan?

    Hola tio, yo he probado un panel LED LCI de 4000K de 220w de monster series estupendo y va genial sirve para floración y crecimiento. Yo en el sitio más barato que lo he encontrado a sido en matillaplant Hechale un ojo y me comentas si te parece interesante o no.
  15. RudeJack, el armario esta bien para empezar, pero si realmente quieres que te salga rentable el cultivo tienes que tener una buena iluminación. El armario es lo de menos o el sitio lo que necesita una buena marihuana es un buen espectro y una buena iluminación. El problema no es que se suba la luz sino que un buen panel led mínimo es de 600w (es como un horno normalito o una calefacción) Yo te aconsejo paneles o bombillas leds buenos compradas en growshop. Yo te aconsejo un grow shop online barato que tiene buenos productos a muy buen precios. Ya me vas contando
  16. Que me aconsejan para este indoor que estoy armanddo? Pueden llegar a entrar 2 macetas de 20 litros o 4 de 10. Qué sería lo más aconsejable? Se aceptan comentarios acerca de la iluminación, ventilación, etc., ya que es mi primer cultivo y todos los consejos me serán útiles. Muchas gracias por su ayuda.
  17. Guest

    ¿que pasa si me como una semilla de marihuana?

    pos me cago en tu mai bro
  18. cepeda

    me comi una cemilla germinada

    bueno, la digestión hará lo suyo y saldrá después de un rato
  19. Completely agree. Urf made me stop because I couldnt stand the slow pace of LoL anymore (glad I quit tbh), and quit osrs a number of weeks ago, and enjoying this, even while being fun, has made me realise I'm quitting normal osrs once and for RS gold all. I'll probably be a yearly league participant from here on out. I'm likely to disagree since in leagues, you are limited to specific areas which subsequently restricts what material you have access to. Its not an specific copy of the game using all the annoying things eliminated like in the case of league of legends and urf. Its about the consistent sense more than the final result. You chase the feeling of accomplishment if you're playing osrs or league extended term. And that feeling becomes eroded by leagues and urf. On the point that it feels rewarding to play with the most important game. Well is not that kind of the point he is making? It's in a sense fracturing a small area of the community to people that prefer only leagues. Not saying it is going to kill the game but saying that you play leagues proves this point imo.It almost definitely increases the playerbase though as a whole. Both through enhanced twitch streams and just more people rejoining to play leagues and only Wind up staying I have not played OSRS in a month or two, but that is tempting me to return. How much longer is it operating for?This post is me exactly! Im extremely curious how the next year goes for this game. . Is this the peak? Things I think will continue to spice it up or be the way down on this roller coaster That's revival of OSRS Will another trailblazer be able to be sterile? Raids 3? Maybe it's because I just started playing again like 6 weeks ago, and got my personality to solidly mid level. Having to repeat all the quests and items I've gone , even with the xp boosts and so forth, only feels like a cheap RuneScape gold chore.
  20. I expect them to drive more permits, they will have a Mut 21 coins complete year until PES 22 comes out to do it. I never believed PES was carrying over at the years before as they maintained using the identical engine but now with unreal motor and EA being even more and more disappointing each year there is a really good possibility it happens. Also the fact im post here does not establish anything, I havent played this game for weeks before a couple of days ago and from what I read here it feels like 50% doesnt even play fifa tbh. PES has its own share of problems also, especially this year, but this is the 1 complaint I always see from FIFA players who makes no sense. Say you dont need PES due to gameplay issues, since it doesnt possess League 1 and 2, since it doesnt have as many teams, whatever, all untrue reasons - but the licencing this is a poor excuse. There are spots for PC and PS4 which take literally 10 minutes to set up, and you've got every team title, and kits which often look better than the licenced ones. Everyone points out the missing licensing yet almost everyone is playing their own custom made club in FUT where licensing doesn't matter. I get that problem for CM players but still you could download some community info packs and call it a day. Perhaps now they are giving the true review score. It's gonna be the exact same old song and dancing like it now was for five years. The first release will feel great then by Christmas the game becomes patched into sweaty nonsense. Bro FIFA hasn't addressed the exact same formation glitches in like two installations of the match, and we JUST got a card company method worth anything. Been playing FIFA because my Sega Genesis. This is my first time I am opting out. There's never anything wrong with the game & they know they're the money cow. I have never played MUT but I've got the match through Origin Access so decided to give it a go. The menus in MUT are an abomination, it would make you appreciate FIFA. Opening the free packs I obtained was this kind of chore which I gave up. To open a bunch you have to open a pack which has the pack, that's your package inside another pack and nothing else with it. You need to open two packs to open a pack, it's insane. The RB/LB to maneuver between challenges, play a game, store etc evaporate at the time you're allowed to use them and look when you can't. Menus have loading displays and for some reason occasionally when you transfer between them they conserve your profile, no shit. You will find challenges you are able to do and completing a set gets you a participant. There's about 5 screens for to the question you need and that includes a loading screen along with a profile save. A challenge may be run for 5 yards on a first down. You initiate the play, run 2 yards, it puts up a big"Challenge Complete" message and takes you back from the match and provides you a display telling you you've failed and you should try again. It's such a chore to buy mut coins madden 21 really play the game. This is made all the worse because after trudging through the menus that are mad that the game will crash 50% of the time when attempting to begin a genuine match. FIFA gameplay might be shit but the menus are pain free. Prepare to get lagy servers, no triumph awarded if opponent stops, dynamic difficulty BS, poorly priced SBCs, lack of originality in particular players (looking at you French players). No Substantial updates to Career Mode or Pro clubs. Volta being dull.
  21. I love NH but it's the Animal Crossing Bells very first animal crossing game I've beaten in terms of paying off my house - before we even got to autumn. Now money is useless so the loop is broken. I have not loaded it up in ~4 months and whenever I think about it I don't really understand what I'd accomplish inside. Fossils are done (that's a first too). When cash is meaningless - what's there to chase on the day-to-day? Boot up, see whether Redd is in, see if any rare bugs are out / fish for this time. Here's hoping for meaningful investments for Bells in a future update. I didn't even mistreat the Turnips like the others did. I'ts unreal how difficult a few things are. There are over 300 (400?) Potential villagers and yet I can't ask a person to leave. Whenever someone reaches the campsite, I have to go through the most infuriating tune and dance to get them to move in and I'm not even allowed to pick who I wanted to move out. This, along with so many goofy little things, create a calm experience turn sour in such an unnecessary manner. I truly HATED the long, tedious tutorial of NH. I understand they needed it to buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Ticket feel as if you're developing a town on a remote island from nothing, but it had been such a repetitive slog to get through.
  22. mosey_lathan

    sativa o indica?

    Gracias bro, y si es como mi hija jajaja
  23. Guest

    me comi una cemilla germinada

    acabo de abrir una semilla a poco de su germinacion total y me comi lo de adentro, que pasara??
  24. Revolutions

    sativa o indica?

    Hola.. preferentemente es Indica, se la ve muy sana y bien cuidada. Sigue así.
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  26. tanya05

    Comprar con Bitcoin

    Hoy en día las criptomonedas han tomado mucha importancia al tal punto que puedes usarla como medio de pago para cualquier compra de cualquier artículo que se te venga en mente sobre todo si son artículo en ventasen páginas web. Una de las criptomonedas más populares es el famoso conocido Bitcoin, la cotizacion bitcoin es algo complicado, ya que su valor fluctúa mucho, por suerte existen página como la que encontraras aquí, que se dedica a la publicación actual al día del precio de esta. Hay que recordar que el Bitcoin es una moneda digital también conocida como Criptomoneda, se utiliza para hacer pagos en línea o bien para intercambiarla por dólar u otra moneda esto también se le conoce como Bitcoin exchange. Las transacciones se validan por un grupo de personas llamados mineros, los cuales al validar una transacción se llevan una recompensa la cual es en Bitcoins y esos son los Bitcoins nuevos que llegan al mercado. Se puede entender que los mineros son lo que generan los nuevo BTC.
  27. lubema

    Plantas MUY pequeñas

    Ya te contesté en el seguimiento. Yo creo es problemas lo arrastras desde que hiciste el trasplante con esa tierra tan húmeda. Un saludo.
  28. lubema

    2x Critical Jack

    Para mí el problema fue al hacer el trasplante. Estaba la tierra demasiado húmeda y pudo provocar daño en las raíces. Un saludo.
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