I'll probably be a yearly league participant from here on out

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Completely agree. Urf made me stop because I couldnt stand the slow pace of LoL anymore (glad I quit tbh), and quit osrs a number of weeks ago, and enjoying this, even while being fun, has made me realise I'm quitting normal osrs once and for RS gold all. I'll probably be a yearly league participant from here on out.

I'm likely to disagree since in leagues, you are limited to specific areas which subsequently restricts what material you have access to. Its not an specific copy of the game using all the annoying things eliminated like in the case of league of legends and urf.

Its about the consistent sense more than the final result. You chase the feeling of accomplishment if you're playing osrs or league extended term. And that feeling becomes eroded by leagues and urf. On the point that it feels rewarding to play with the most important game.

Well is not that kind of the point he is making? It's in a sense fracturing a small area of the community to people that prefer only leagues. Not saying it is going to kill the game but saying that you play leagues proves this point imo.It almost definitely increases the playerbase though as a whole. Both through enhanced twitch streams and just more people rejoining to play leagues and only Wind up staying

I have not played OSRS in a month or two, but that is tempting me to return. How much longer is it operating for?This post is me exactly! Im extremely curious how the next year goes for this game. . Is this the peak?

Things I think will continue to spice it up or be the way down on this roller coaster That's revival of OSRS

Will another trailblazer be able to be sterile? Raids 3? Maybe it's because I just started playing again like 6 weeks ago, and got my personality to solidly mid level. Having to repeat all the quests and items I've gone , even with the xp boosts and so forth, only feels like a cheap RuneScape gold chore.


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