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    jackcoline got a reaction from cepeda in Track 3 magnum and 1 jack47 from Chile   
    Hello everyone,,
    I am new to the forum and this is the first time I have followed up , I have previously planted other babies, this time I will plant 3 magnum and 1 jack47 car.
    every week I will update its growth, I hope to receive your advice and ideas on how to improve the crop
    well let's go for it ...
    Arcuma Tracking Information
    * Varieties: magnum buddha seeds, jack47 sweet seeds
    * Cultivation cabinet: 1.70 high x 58 deep x 160 long
    * Pot size: 15lt
    Hours of sun:
    * Growing lighting: high pressure metal halide 250w
    * Flora lighting .: 250w high sodium pressure
    Ventilation: 3 medium fans
    Odor control: - 
    Fertilizer growth:
    Flowering Fertilizer:
    Substrate: htp auto
    20% Earthworm Humus
    20% Peat Mix
    30% Coconut Fiber
    10% Perlite
    20% Vermiculite

    * Germination Date: August 10
    Germination ratio: 4 out of 5, 85%
    Female / male ratio: Automatic Feminized Seeds
    Photoperiod growth: 20/4
    Flowering photoperiod:
    * Change to flowering / Pre-flowers:
    Plant size upon flowering:
    * Harvest date:
    * Final plant size:
    * Amount harvested: